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To: Rep. Warren Davidson (OH-8)

Speaker Boehner: Give U.S.- Iran Nuclear Talks A Chance And Disinvite Israel's Netanyahu

House Speaker John Boehner President Obama's Administration is in middle of sensitive talks with Iran over it's nuclear program to prevent Iran from producing weapons. Your invitation to Israel's PM Netanyahu who opposes the talks could help derail it. In any case he's in close elections in Israel and you don't want to be appearing as if endorsing him and interfering in Israel's internal politics.

Why is this important?

I am a supporter of Global peace through diplomacy. President Obama's Administration has made significant progress in negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program and a successful treaty would de-escalate military tensions in the region and contribute towards Global peace.

Reasons for signing

  • I agree with President Obama's Global Peace through Diplomacy.
  • Give diplomacy a chance..war isn't always the answer.