To: Christine Quinn, Speaker, New York City Council

Speaker Quinn: Allow Vote on Paid Sick Days

Speaker Christine Quinn: Allow a vote on the paid sick days bill in the New York City Council.

Why is this important?

A million New Yorkers lack the basic security of paid sick days at their jobs. They are waitresses and cooks, cashiers and day care providers. When they have no choice but to go to work sick, it's not healthy for anyone.

If you have paid sick days, it's easy enough to take them for granted. If you get sick, you stay home to recover. If you need to bring your child to the doctor, you go, without fear of losing pay or being fired.

No one should have to choose between their job and their family's health, especially in difficult times like this. It’s time to ensure all working women and men in New York City have the same basic security.

A bill pending in the New York City Council that would allow New Yorkers to earn paid sick days has a two-thirds majority of support on the City Council. But so far, Council Speaker Christine Quinn hasn't allowed a vote.

Will you join us in calling on Speaker Quinn to pass the paid sick days bill?

--Gloria Steinem, Ai-jen Poo, and hundreds of prominent New York leaders.