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To: Sac County Department of Transportation

Speeding Enforcement and Reduction on Sutter Ave. (Carmichael)

Speeding Enforcement and Reduction on Sutter Ave. (Carmichael)

I am petitioning for Sac County to conduct a speeding investigation and implement the proper speed enforcement and reduction on Sutter Ave. (speed bumps, traffic circles, speed limit reduction, and citations).

Why is this important?

A little over a year ago my mother’s cat Finn was hit by a car on Sutter Ave. trying to cross the street to come home. Yesterday morning her other cat Winston was also hit by a car. She had tried to keep him as an inside only cat, but he got out through the dog door. I was beyond heartbroken and devastated hearing the news from my neighbor and having to carry his lifeless body home. I am tired of people using Sutter Ave as an alternative to Fair Oaks driving 50-60 mph with no regard for anyone. There are children, elderly, cats, dogs, walking, playing, etc., as this is a neighborhood. I am beyond upset at how reckless people drive through this neighborhood. I do not want any other living being to be hurt or killed by the hand of a careless and selfish individual.

Reasons for signing

  • This impacts our safety and quality of life as residents in this area.


2020-11-19 00:01:24 -0500

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