To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Stand up for refugees at our door

The United States government is cracking down on refugees fleeing violence in Central America. These refugees—just like families fleeing violence in Europe—need our support and shelter. But the U.S. is paying Mexico millions of dollars to stop refugees before they can cross into the safety of the United States.

It's time for Congress and President Obama to stand up for refugees at our door.

Why is this important?

Please join me in making five demands of Congress and President Obama. Our lawmakers should:[1]

*stop paying Mexico tens of millions of dollars to intercept and deport these refugees before they reach our border. A high-ranking State Department official has proposed spending $90 million to do more of this in 2016; we should instead spend that money to help these refugees.

*help Mexico pay for places for migrants to be held that are humane while their refugee claims are evaluated.

*develop a system for these refugees, much like Europe is now doing for Syrians, to equitably allocate people who are fleeing harm throughout this continent — including sending them to safer countries in Latin America, to Canada and to the United States.

*increase the number of refugees we allow to pre-9/11 levels — 130,000, from the current 70,000 — to allow more of these families to have a safe harbor here in the U.S.

*approve a proposed tripling aid, now before Congress, to the northern triangle Central American countries (El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala) to help reduce the causes of the violence pushing these families out.