To: President Donald Trump and The United States House of Representatives

Stand with Ellison: Affirm Palestinian & Israeli humanity & aspirations

House Members should sign the Ellison-Yarmuth-Dingell letter calling for a political resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict and affirming Palestinian and Israeli humanity and aspirations.

Why is this important?

The majority of Democrats sympathize with Palestinian as well as Israeli political aspirations. [1] But you wouldn’t know this from following the news from Washington, where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who opposes Palestinian political aspirations, expects to get a warm welcome from Democrats without being challenged to change his policies towards the Palestinians.

Representatives Keith Ellison, John Yarmuth, and Debbie Dingell are trying to do something about that. They’re circulating a letter among their colleagues, asking them to stand up for a political resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, to stand up equally for Palestinian and Israeli aspirations and humanity. [2]

Urge Representatives to sign the Ellison-Yarmuth-Dingell letter by signing our petition.