To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Stand with Obama: Vote for the Iranian Nuclear Agreement

I am your constituent and, as an American Jew, I am a strong supporter of Israel and its right to exist safely and at peace. I am writing to urge you to vote FOR the Iranian nuclear agreement which will be voted on by the Congress next month.

My conviction that this agreement is the best course of action has only strengthened after studying it and following the public debate. I note that in the text Iran forswears future development of nuclear weapons and commits to significant reduction in its current nuclear capabilities with intrusive inspections. This is an agreement that is serious in providing incentives for Iran to comply and strong disincentives for breaching it.

I am a supporter of Partners for Progressive Israel, a prominent and long-standing American Zionist organization. We are liberal Zionists who advocate an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and a two-state solution guaranteeing the existence of Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace. We stand for the freedom and equality of all persons, regardless of ethnicity or gender or sexual orientation, in Israel. We have close ties with many human rights organizations and particularly with the Israeli Meretz party, which champions these goals. PPI’s statement on the Iranian nuclear agreement can be found here:

I very much hope that you will support President Obama in this matter and vote for the agreement. I am fully aware that many Jewish organizations are lobbying intensively against it and attempting to convey the impression that American Jews overwhelmingly oppose it. I assure you that that is simply not true and that I and many others, constituting a majority of American Jews, stand ready to support those who support the agreement.

Why is this important?

To inform Congress that the majority of American Jews support President Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran.