To: The United States Senate

Raped in the U.S. Navy: Protect Survivors of Military Sexual Assault

Only the U.S. Congress can amend the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The U.S. Senate must act swiftly to move the decision to prosecute sexual assault in the military out of the chain of command.

Why is this important?

According to estimates from the Department of Defense, 19,000 service men and women are sexually assaulted while serving in the United States Military every. But 86% of them never report their assault—too often because seeking justice threatens their safety, their job security, and their future.

It’s time to take action and ensure survivors of Military Sexual Assault are not invisible and receive the justice they deserve. Congress must amend the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and move the prosecution of Military Sexual Assault out of the chain of command.

Survivors should not suffer retribution for speaking up, and rape should never be an “occupational hazard.”

Only Congress can change the UCMJ to create a real, working system for prosecuting sexual predators in the military – and ultimately putting an end to Military Sexual Assault.