To: The United States Senate

#StandWithChris&Rand: Set New Conditions for Military Aid to Saudi

Senators should co-sponsor the Murphy-Paul bill to set new conditions on U.S. military aid to Saudi Arabia.

Why is this important?

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) have introduced legislation to prevent the U.S. from continuing to support Saudi-led military campaigns in places like Yemen where Saudi Arabia’s year-long campaign has led to a devastating humanitarian crisis and a security vacuum that has empowered our terrorist enemies al Qaeda and ISIS. The Murphy-Paul bipartisan legislation will require the President to formally certify that the government of Saudi Arabia is demonstrating an ongoing effort to target terrorist groups, minimize harm to civilians, and facilitate humanitarian assistance before Congress can consider the sale or transfer of air-to-ground munitions to Saudi Arabia. [1]

“I have yet to see evidence that the civil war we’re supplying and supporting in Yemen advances our national security. The more it drags on, the clearer it becomes that our military involvement on behalf of the Saudi-led coalition is prolonging human suffering in Yemen and aiding the very groups that are intent on attacking us,” Senator Murphy said. “I believe, along with Sen. Murphy, that the U.S. should halt the sale of air-to-ground munitions to Saudi Arabia until Congress has conducted proper oversight and ensured that such munitions are being used in a way that is consistent with our country’s national security strategy and values,” Senator Paul said.

The Murphy-Paul legislation will require the President to attest that Saudi Arabia is concretely demonstrating its anti-terror efforts and protection of civilians before Congress can consider a sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. [2]

Urge the Senate to support the Murphy-Paul bill for greater oversight of U.S. weapons sales to Saudi Arabia by signing our petition.