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State Legislators: you have the power to mainstream Renewable Power

Community Choice Energy (often called Community Choice Aggregate Energy, aka CCA) legislation is now in 7 STATES: CA, IL, MA, OH, NJ, NY and RI. The most recent was passed in the NY legislature in April 2016.

Once this legislation is passed at the state level, it allows county supervisors to begin setting up a non-profit to procure SOLAR and SMALL WIND POWER and ENERGY STORAGE to partner with the local electric utility. This has been mandated in CA.

This is how Marin county in CA in 2010, became the first county in the state, to set up their non-profit called Marin Clean Energy (MCE). Since then, all SF Bay Area 9 counties are now trending to 100% Renewable Power, because of Marin county's leadership. More counties have joined this effort in the state: San Diego county, Monterey/SantaCruz and SanBenito counties are organizing together . Placer county in the Sierras. Mendocino county has piggybacked onto Sonoma county's non-profit. Yolo county. More are getting planned.

HOWEVER, to replicate this process depends on how states have de-regulated their electricity markets and their costs. See this map on how each state is de-regulated -

Find more details on how CCA legislation is moving in all 7 STATES at this website - CEO Shawn Marshall is the resource on how to move Renewable Power efficiently, like CA has.

Ideally, a more uniform electricity market that replicates what CA has done, would help accelerate Renewable Power, nationwide.

Stanford University environmental engineer Professor Mark Jacobson and his blueprint team have shown how all 50 states can move to 100% Renewable Power. Find out how your state can move in this direction, at

Why is this important?

Our 501 c3 non-profit, based in Danville CA, called Transition Express Inc believes WE CAN ACCELERATE THE NUMBER OF STATES with CCA LEGISLATION and trend toward a more uniform electricity market, state by state, to roll out RENEWABLE POWER, nationwide.

WE NEED STATE LEGISLATORS TO BE LEADERS ON THIS. We hope state legislators in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin, will show the leadership we are asking for with this petition, TO MOVE RENEWABLE POWER NATIONWIDE, with the urgency the science now requires.

There are 3 NEW SCIENTIFIC STUDIES OUT in March/April 2018, documenting our accelerating climate change. They document the 'Jet Stream Slowing Down' (Mann study/Penn State), 'Mother Nature Going Out of Sync' (Kharouba study/Univ of Ottawa) and 'Accelerating Melting of Glaciers' (Winski study/Dartmouth).



Reasons for signing

  • I support the natural world.
  • I support the science behind climate change.
  • We definitely need to substantially cut down on fossil fuel burning for power generating, we have limitless avenues of clean power to invest, in Florida particularly we have plenty of Sun, Ocean waves to exploit.