To: Mayor Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate Letitia James, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito

Station Agents Must Remain at NYC Subway Entrances

Station Agents are vital to the safety and feeling of security of NYC subway riders. They must remain inside token booths and continue to handle fares.
Our City Elected officials must stop the MTA from carrying out its plans to remove the agents and stop the agency from spending our money to do this.
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Why is this important?

As a resident of the Bronx, I have personally seen what has happened to station entrances where there is no human presence. At least today, people have the option to go to a staffed entrance and stay in the off-hour waiting area until their train comes.
Without an agent in a fixed position, this vital safety/security feature will be useless.
We need a human presence in the subway system!