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To: Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, Rep. Gerald Connolly

Stop Abuse of Postal Workers

This campaign has ended.

Stop Abuse of Postal Workers

USPS workers have been subject to unfair and unsafe working conditions. They have been required to work, regularly, 12-17 hour shifts, 6-7 days per week, in order to handle the volume of mail that needs to be delivered, particularly packages. They are not hiring enough workers to keep up with the volume of mail. Although USPS has a union, the system allows for management to order the carriers to work such long shifts. Additionally, USPS management is not enforcing mask mandates and workers have come to work with Covid. The working conditions have taken a physical and mental toll on the workers who deserve much better treatment, particularly considering that they have been essential workers throughout the pandemic. In the United States, we should be ashamed that postal workers are not treated like machines, not human beings, and the situation is untenable. We call upon the House Oversight Committee and all decision makers for the USPS to put into place policies that protect these workers from such inhumane treatment.

Why is this important?

Mail service affects us all. Businesses depend on timely delivery and individuals expect to receive their mail and packages in a timely manner. Often this is not the case, and it is due to mismanagement and poor logistics of USPS management and postmasters. At a very basic human level, we should not tolerate mistreatment of those who work so hard to provide this essential service.


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