To: The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, and Governor Tom Wolf

Stop cuts to HIV/AIDS services

I am writing to request that you vehemently oppose Governor Corbett’s proposed funding cuts to the grants for AIDS program in the 2011-2012 state budget (pg. 9, row 274). These cuts would be devastating to the approximately 30,900 people* living with this disease in Pennsylvania, and affect the one in five people living with HIV and unaware of his or her status.**

Why is this important?

AIDS service organizations have endured over a decade of flat funding and 3 years of dramatic budget cuts, stretching their resources over an ever-growing population in need of HIV prevention education. The current PA House Republican budget proposal for 2011-2012 purposes an additional 25.4% cut in the AIDS Programs.


Reasons for signing

  • Governor Corbett is a moron and doesn't care. He has no heart or morals.
  • Don't make the same mistake that that Mr. Reagan did. Give funds to HIV/Aids.
  • These folks are suffering enough with the disease another layer of misery would be cruelty.