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To: Board of health

Stop discrimination against hard working Mexicans

Stop discrimination against hard working Mexicans

My name is Claudia Palomino I am disappointed in the health care staff at banner university hospital in Phoenix Az and can not believe how they treat Mexicans . My fiance Amado Alvarado had a brain aneurysm,stroke he is in need of 24 hr care it's been 3 weeks since he was admitted to the hospital he responds some times and I believe the hospital does not care for anyone if they are not insured he is about to be discharged home or if I can't take care of him the social worker said the other option would be send him back to Mexico. I work a job that pays me 14 dollars an hour . I can't care for him and they are not helping me his care will cost $2000 a month plus I would have to care for him 24 hrs a day . I've tried to find any kind of help but have not been lucky . I received a bill from the hospital and he is under outpatient care. The hospital don't care if he dies they just want to get rid of him. That hospital is the worse how can they just not care . Please help me get Amados story he has been in the US for more than 20 years he has never been in trouble with the law and he works and pays taxes he desires proper care . Let's take action for him and anyone going through the same for not being insured.....

Why is this important?

Let's stop the discrimination against hard working Mexicans who need medical care


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