To: Rep. Tom McClintock (CA-4) and The United States House of Representatives

Stop harming your constituents!

No more government shutdowns!

Why is this important?

Our Representative in Congress, Tom McClintock, voted 12 times to keep the government shut down over the last month. While Trump finally relented, we could be back in the same mess in three weeks unless Congress takes action now.

Every day the government was shut down, the U.S Forest Service was not working to prevent the next round of catastrophic wildfires from destroying our communities, and the Park Service was not protecting or managing OUR lands.

When the government was shut down, the FBI, TSA, air traffic controllers and the Coast Guard were all hobbled. Tax refunds were not processed. Thousands of our neighbors were sitting at home, looking for jobs, or forced to work without pay. The shutdown cost the U.S. economy $11 billion. All for a wall that we don't need or want, and that Mexico was supposed to pay for!

Tom McClintock once again sacrificed his constituents and communities for far-right ideology and allegiance to Donald Trump. Tell him you expect him to start representing the people and lands of the 4th district, by voting against any more government shutdowns!

Thank you for taking action.

Reasons for signing

  • What kind of person decides with Trump the crook?
  • We need a representative who will work for the best interests of our region, not for special interests
  • Shutdowns should NEVER be a negotiating tactic.