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To: Congress and the President

Stop Louis DeJoy from slashing the USPS workforce!

We urge you to stop Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s plan to slash 50,000 Postal Service positions in the coming years as a part of his vision for USPS austerity. The Postal Service is an essential public service, and its scope should be increased — not decreased — to provide for our communities, especially rural communities.

Why is this important?

Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy wants to cut 50,000 Postal Service positions. Congress must stop DeJoy.

Not only will DeJoy’s plan eliminate 50,000 good union jobs, it’ll also compromise the ability of the Postal Service to carry out its essential functions — like delivering ballots safely and bringing life-saving prescriptions to seniors and rural communities.

DeJoy’s plan to decimate the USPS workforce is just one piece of his broader vision for USPS austerity. The Postal Service is an essential public service, yet DeJoy cares more about cutting costs than making sure USPS performs its key functions.

Congress must stop DeJoy from slashing 50,000 USPS jobs!

USPS funding is a major equity concern. The postal service is the lifeblood of much of rural America, where people rely on the USPS to deliver goods and transmit information. In areas without internet access, US mail is absolutely essential.

And there’s another problem with DeJoy’s plan: it reinforces the idea that USPS should be managed like a business. That’s absurd. USPS is a public good.

Instead of slashing postal workers, we should be taking advantage of the huge opportunity USPS offers for our country. USPS should expand its services for rural and low-income communities even further by looking into offering banking services, internet access, and more.

Sign the petition: Congress must stop DeJoy from undermining the postal service and slashing 50,000 USPS jobs!



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