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Stop Manchin’s dirty deal, and declare a climate emergency!

Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin’s “dirty side deal” that’ll make it easier for fossil fuel companies to receive permits was months in the making. Now, Schumer’s moving to include it in the government spending bill to go into effect September 30.

That’s the exact wrong direction we should be heading. Democrats must join Senator Bernie Sanders in opposing the deal — and President Biden must declare a national climate emergency immediately, clearing the way for big policies fighting climate change.

Tell President Biden and Congress to declare a climate emergency and oppose Joe Manchin’s fossil fuel deal!

Why is this important?

In a floor speech Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders announced he plans to block the deal. Bernie is standing with 650 environmental and social justice groups against fossil fuel industry barons like Joe Manchin.

Manchin’s goal is to clear the way for pipeline that would export fracked gas out of Manchin’s home state of West Virginia. He claims the Mountain Valley Pipeline would ease the transition away from fossil fuels and reduce global dependence on Russian oil — but a new report finds it’s a pack of lies.

Joe Manchin is the top recipient of fossil fuel industry campaign contributions in Congress, and his personal ties to the fossil fuel industry are widely known. Chuck Schumer needs to listen to hundreds of activist groups and 40 House Democrats (and counting) who are telling him to stop pushing this dirty deal!

Instead of cutting deals with the fossil fuel industry, Democrats should be laser-focused on “stand[ing] up for our kids, for our grandchildren, and for future generations," as Bernie put it. By stopping oil and gas drilling and investing heavily in renewable energy, the United States can back off the cliff of extreme weather events that are devastating communities and claiming lives.

Declaring a national emergency will empower President Biden to do just that. Once Biden declares a national climate emergency, he'll be able to invoke the National Emergencies Act to halt crude oil exports, limit oil and gas drilling in federal waters, and direct federal agencies to boost renewable-energy sources — all crucial actions if we want to stem the deadly tide of climate change.

Sign the petition: Tell President Biden and Congress to declare a climate emergency and oppose Joe Manchin’s fossil fuel deal!



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