To: Zev Yaroslavsky and LA County Board of Supervisors

Stop Mega Cell Tower And Power Line Project

Edison, T Mobile and LA County want to install a colossal, mega cell tower as part of the power line burying project at Pine Tree Circle in Topanga. CELL TOWERS ARE KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER, BIRTH DEFECTS AND OTHER SERIOUS ILLNESSES. The nearly 2 year construction plan will also harm the already fledgling businesses and cause traffic delays. Please sign our petition to stop this disastrous waste of our money and unnecessary exposure to a human carcinogen.

Why is this important?

This project will cause a nearly 2 year traffic jam on Topanga Cyn. Blvd. and harm the businesses there both financially and biologically due to the new mega cell tower to be installed at the post office. While other countries are taking steps to reduce cell tower radiation exposure to their citizens, LA County is looking to increase it for Topangans. The WHO says this radiation causes cancer in humans, Taiwan just removed 1500 cell towers due to death and illness, India lowered their radiation emissions by 90% and moved cell towers away from communities due to outbreaks of cancer near the towers and countries across Europe are taking protective action on this issue. Why must we be placed in harms way? This project must be stopped. For studies on health effects from wireless electromagnetic radiation go to


Reasons for signing

  • Although I recognize that there area health risks associated with high levels of RF, dangerous non-thermal effects, as yet unregonzied by the FCC, this plan can not be supported for three additional reasons: * The fire danger from a megacell array. * The visual impact. * The unsupported rationale for placing a megacell in a canyon corridor when best practice carriers is always to line corridors with microcells. I work at parks in the area. I grew up in the area; and, I spend leisure time i...
  • No!!! Please don't do this!! I have lived happily in this canyon with spotty reception for 32 years. Don't change us! We are happy how we are.
  • Carcinogenic radiation is a concernfor many of us. Just make sure research justifys its use.

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