To: The United States Senate

Stop Michael Boggs’ Confirmation

As your constituent, I'm writing to strongly urge you to oppose Michael Boggs, nominee for United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

Why is this important?

President Obama has asked the Senate to confirm a judicial nominee who tried to channel funds to anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers and make a parental consent law even more extreme.

Judges hold an incredible responsibility when they take the bench. Americans need to trust them to take an objective view of the law and not use their position to advance their personal agenda. Michael Boggs showed us his true personal agenda as a state lawmaker, and we can’t trust him with our rights.

Fortunately, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, recognized that Boggs "does not have the votes in committee" and "His nomination should be withdrawn." We agree with Sen. Leahy - support for Boggs' nomination has become a political liability for any senator who hopes to maintain their constituents' support.

We’re disappointed that pro-choice President Obama nominated someone who doesn’t share our pro-choice values. We agree with the president on a lot of things, but not this pick.

We can't rest until Boggs' nomination is withdrawn or he's defeated. Speak out now and call on your senators to oppose this out-of-touch nominee.