To: The New Jersey State House, The New Jersey State Senate, and Governor Phil Murphy

Stop NJ S2412: The So-Called Water Infrastructure Protection Act

We have a right to our water and a right to vote on the sale of our publicly owned water utility. We do not support this bill as it does not support us, and our right to our own basic need, water!

Why is this important?

I believe that water is a human right, and we need to protect it. This bill would allow NJ municipalities to sell their publicly owned water utility WITHOUT public input. To protest this, a petition with 15% of the voters' signatures would need to be filed with the municipal clerk within 20 days of notice of the sale! This bill denies our rights as citizens a say in OUR water, and a choice in the sale. This bill also will result in higher costs for ratepayers as it requires the public owner to submit sensitive information to the private bidders. This bill does not support us, but instead supports private companies in more easily purchasing and profiting off of people's basic needs, water.

Reasons for signing

  • We will NOT let this bill pass. There will be a fight and our drinking water will be saved.
  • Christie should be empeached for his bad deals, pompas decisions, foolish statements and clear lack of concern for his state and residents there of! He is a fat pile of human waste and we dont need that in our drinking water!
  • how corrupt can you be