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To: District of Columbia Public Schools

Stop the ban of books: District of Columbia Public Schools

We’re calling on DC Public Schools to take immediate action and stop banning books in our schools. Students deserve the freedom to learn and we cannot censor our country’s history or we will be doomed to repeat it.

Why is this important?

The current push for book bans is the strongest that its been in decades, with attempts to stop students from learning about the Holocaust, slavery, gender and sexuality, and more. Schools should allow a curriculum that educates students on our collective histories and allows them to learn about resilience and empathy.

School environments should be inclusive to all students and give them the opportunity to read stories that reflect their interests and identities. Students, teachers, and communities across the country are frustrated about these right-wing attempts to censor schools, but we are not powerless, similar campaigns have been successful in stopping and overturning these bans.

Washington, DC, USA

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