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To: South Carolina GOP Lawmakers

Stop The Bill To Name Highway Interchange After Trump!

Stop The Bill To Name Highway Interchange After Trump!

Stop The GOP Lawmakers From Making A Mockery Of The Majority Of The People Of South Carolina Who Are Under Paid, Inadequate Education, Housing Discrimination, Unfair Medical Care, False Imprisonment, and High Gun Violence due to this Broken Government!

Why is this important?

Let's show that the South Carolinian can unite together against a Corrupted Government that refuses to work for the American people's needs in whom they represent. Their are far more important matters that needs addressing more than focusing on a monument of a Tyrant who has disgraced our Nation and Society! "Vote Them Out!"

Reasons for signing

  • Absolutely NOT. This Trump, "administration," excludes itself by word and deed from any commemorative designations.
  • Trump is a horrible person and has NOT helped blacks in anyway possible.
  • Trump is not worthy. He is a con man.


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