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To: The Kansas Legislature

Stop the MAGA BILL MILL bills in Kansas

Please stop pushing bills that aren’t even written in Kansas.
We are your neighbors. Your coworkers. Your family members. Your church community. Your voters.
And we don’t want this extremism in Kansas.

Why is this important?

Regardless of your political party, we have to unite against this extremism.

These bills presented and pushed by these outsiders are hurting Kansans.

The 802 Self Evident Truths:
1. Public education is key to an educated public.
2. Science is real.
3. Equal access to healthcare is vital to healthy communities.
4. Treaties shall be honored, and no human is illegal.
5. We will end gun violence.
6. Black Lives Matter.
7. Love is love, and pronouns will be respected.
8. All voices deserve to be heard.


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