To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Stop The Sale Of Historic Post Offices Like Berkeley, CA

Nationwide the US Postal Service is selling historic buildings to private buyers. We have been told the listing agency is owned by the spouse of a US Senator we believe this should be investigated and if true should be common knowledge to all Americans. In Terre Haute, Indiana when there Federal Building was closed the property was given to the local university free of charge. Yet in Berkeley, CA and many communities approximately $1 billion dollars of real estate is to be sold for profit? Or is it at a loss! Stop the sale of historic public buildings.

Rather than downsizing we believe the post office should be expanding. Hiring more employees. Moving into other services such as selling fishing and hunting licenses. Offer simply banking services. Potential being a place where traffic violations can be paid and court fines can be paid. Offices that used to have exclusive passport agents could once again offer assistance in processing passports. This will decrease the massive lines that many post offices have due to lack of clerical staff. The passport agents could offer notary services and general information about the post office. Another area the passport agents could help out in is customer complaint resolution. This would shorten up lines in post offices across the nation and put the service back into the US Postal Service. The post office could offer retail copying services to include making business cards, flyers, and brochures.

We support the continued six day delivery of mail. For Congress to repeal HR 6407 the bill that caused the massive problems in our postal service. To expand hiring of both postal clerks and letter carriers. To speed up the delivery of mail and to reopen closed mail processing plants.

Why is this important?

We believe the post office is regressing and should be proactive to improve and grow services provided.


Reasons for signing

  • stop it! historic stuff is not for profit. enough with the profit already.
  • Sales of historic buildings like the Main Post Office in Berkeley, CA must be stopped. These buildings all over the U.S. are the very heart and soul of communities, large and small. Selling to private developers is akin to abandoning your aging and ill grandmother to an uncertain and deadly future.
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