To: President Donald Trump, The Virginia State House, The Virginia State Senate, Governor Ralph Northam, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Stop the unConstitutional Wars; we are broke

We petition all members of national and local elected government to follow the Constitution that allows only Congress to declare and start wars, a requirement unlawfully ignored since WW2. Congress's rating is at 10% because it will not follow the Constitution and the will of the majority of the people in America (and the world) to end these wars of aggression waged for the wealth or strategic location of other nations.

These foreign people must find their own freedom in their way and not be subject to Western colonization at the end of a weapon. Our forefathers held all life dear and did not want to force our way of life on other nations through violence nor steal other people's land or resources on one pretext or another. We are a bankrupt nation with true unemployment at nearly 30% from the wars and bad financial handling of the economy over many years.

Congress will not step up to the job to lead and thus has a 10% approval rating. Presidents take on dictatator roles by putting our armed forces and nation in harm's way for private corporate interests and for the benefits they perceive other nations may accrue if our military and taxpayers pay the price.

Since President Kennedy, this country has moved from the rule of a Republic with a Contitution to rule by the few for profit and expansionism. There are no term limits or oversight by a free press uninfluenced by corporate interests to limit corruption of the American way.

We are broke financially, and it is time we put America back to being first and foremost in Congress and the Whitehouse and state legislatures. We can do this by petitioning government for redress. Let us limit the dictatatorship authorities we have given to the President and Congress.

We must follow the Constitution and stop the unlawful wars conducted in the name of our wonderful America.

Why is this important?

Our Constitution requires wars to be voted on by Congress but this requirement stopped being obeyed after WW3. The Presidents since then inappropriately have declared war on their own authority. Congress goes along with the usurpation of its powers by funding these illegal wars.

Our past history shows that until recently, we engaged in wars only for our own defensive reasons, not for colonial aggression to take away from people of foreign lands their rights to their own natural resources and choice of government.

Our past history also did not support wars by us to fight against our own interests for some foreign nation's own interests. The Constitution did not name us as policeman of the world, and we have failed at being one.