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To: Yac Club

Stop Waste: The Last Straw Now

No Plastic Straws in Water Glasses Pledge for Businesses

On behalf of my business, I pledge to not use plastic straws in water glasses unless a customer requests one. We recognize that plastic straws in water glasses are unneeded and a waste.
I sign this on behalf of my business because I support reducing waste and limiting health risks for people and the environment, such as plastic straws.

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Why is this important?

Straws are wasteful. That's a fact. When you go to a resturant, often times you may get a straw in your glass of water. However, many people do not actually use these straws and when thrown out afterwards, they are a large waste of material. When you sign this petition on behalf of your business, you are saying that you will only give a customer a straw in their water if they request it.