To: John Boehner, Speaker, the House of Representatives and The United States House of Representatives

Stop Wasting Millions on a Political Stunt

Speaker Boehner and House Republicans: Stop wasting millions of our tax dollars on your partisan lawsuit against President Obama. Please move on to the real issues facing our country.

Why is this important?

Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans are moving forward with a taxpayer-funded lawsuit against President Obama, because President Obama has used his executive authority to get things done while Congress has dithered.

In a recent membership vote, 88% of MoveOn members said that if John Boehner launched this wasteful lawsuit, then holding him accountable should be a top MoveOn priority.

So we're fighting back. Together, we can elevate the profile of this ridiculous lawsuit, expose it as partisan politics at its worst, and ensure that it damages the GOP brand, backfiring on Republicans in the November elections.