To: The Hawaii State House, The Hawaii State Senate, and Governor David Ige

Support Land Relocation for Lava Evacuees

We support efforts to provide state land to relocate people displaced by the lava. We urge those in authority to please do this now, including providing land for farmers and local landlords whose livelihood depended on properties they owned in this area. Senator Russell Ruderman and others have proposed this relocation effort. Please facilitate the transfer of land to provide homes and farms to fellow community members who lost theirs in the lava flow.

Background for those considering signing this petition:

The future is on hold. No homes can be sold, but who would buy anyway? Those displaced from homes must continue to pay mortgages and insurance premiums, while also paying for new housing. Those who cannot afford rent (in addition to their mortgage) have been in the Red Cross shelters, living out cars, living in a horse shed on a friend's property, camping at the beach, squeezing in with friends, and many have even moved back into their homes in evacuated areas, leaving them living in unsafe conditions. This situation has been going on for almost two months. This is a massive housing crisis, as well as a mental health crisis. Hundreds of volunteers are donating thousands of service hours just to maintain shelters intended to last for only a few weeks. If we can channel our efforts and resources into rebuilding lives, instead of maintaining the current situation, we can begin to heal and help bring the human cost of this disaster to a close.


Why is this important?

As a Puna resident and leader who has been active since the very beginning, we are looking at a massive housing crisis in addition to a mental health crisis, if something isn't done immediately. The people of our community should be our top priority. Hope is needed. NOW!


Reasons for signing

  • I need a place to rebuild. Our home is under lava in Kapoho.
  • My elderly sister lost her home to the lava. This has been a very stressful and disorienting event, with no end in sight from a resolution standpoint. Her insurance company is only helping with rent for 6 months at her relocation site. She is anxious to rebuild her life. Please support the provision of state land to relocate people displaced by the lava. Thanks for your consideration.
  • Please help us ASAP!!