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To: Governor Jay Inslee and the Port of Seattle

Support Police Officer Greg Anderson

Support Police Officer Greg Anderson

The termination of Police Officer Greg Anderson is in violation of the first amendment. This officer should be issued a public apology from the State of Washington, immediately be offered reinstatement to his former position, and compensated for the violation inflicted on him due to his exercise of his freedom of speech.

Why is this important?

As a matter of public concern, Officer Greg Anderson should not have been prevented from speaking or requested to remove his video from Although in uniform and speaking pursuant to his duties as a peace officer, his topic of address was of public concern and therefore constitutionally protected.

It did not place undue burden on the government in fulfilling its role, it simply encouraged officers to engage with the public in a fashion that is legally consistent, nor was his speech a matter of personal redress or personal satisfaction.

As such, to penalize an officer of the law in his fulfillment of his duties and the exercise of his constitutional rights is a violation of the federal law of this nation.

It is a very short trip from suppression of speech to the attempted suppression of the God-given rights of the individual. Tyranny cannot stand. The violations inflicted upon the individual, when overlooked, often become a violation foisted upon the whole.

Take a stand with this Officer and support him by signing this petition. If we speak loud enough, perhaps even those deaf individuals within our own government will hear.


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