To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Breaking news: House Republicans to torpedo President Obama's Iran agreement

Please back President Obama's diplomatic approach to Iran. Now is not the time to undermine negotiations with calls for increased sanctions or unrealistic demands for a final deal. Don't lead us down a path that could lead to another senseless war in the Middle East.

Why is this important?

Breaking news: House majority leader Eric Cantor is working on a hawkish bill that would torpedo President Obama's interim agreement with Iran by setting unrealistic goals for the final deal. If he succeeds he’ll tie President Obama’s hands, destroy negotiations and edge us closer to another senseless conflict in the Middle East. This isn't a fringe bill - it's one that is gaining ground amongst Democratic members of the House and if we do nothing will become bipartisan*.

We know diplomacy works - we've seen it in action over the last few weeks. The good news is we can squelch Eric Cantor’s plans by helping make sure our representatives do the right thing and support the President’s diplomatic efforts with Iran. We know that public pressure when it comes to foreign policy works - after all it was everyday people like you and me taking action that helped ensure that military action wasn’t on the table with Syria. Now we have a chance to not just fight back against a potential conflict - but to proactively build peace and diplomacy. This bill could hit the house floor as soon as next week. If we don't act now Congress could shatter the deal with Iran now and we would lose this once in a generation opportunity.

The interim deal with Iran is a win for everyone - Iran has agreed to opening itself up to the potential of daily inspections and in turn the US has offered some relief from sanctions**. That’s why 64% of the American public, 100 rabbis and leading military and national security experts support the President’s diplomatic path with Iran***.

By publicly pushing our representatives to do the right thing and support the President’s diplomatic path with Iran we show solidarity with everyday Iranians. A new poll released today showed that for many Iranians building democracy is their highest priority*. Notable activists have repeatedly said that the best way to support their work is by working towards diplomacy and the reduction of sanctions**.

Diplomacy with Iran - is the best way for us to support change makers in Iran and in our national interest. Please sign this petition urging your representatives to back President Obama when it comes to Iran.

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