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Support Senator Bernie Sanders' Call for an Investigation of Indiscriminate Bombing in Gaza

Senator Bernie Sanders has submitted a resolution to investigate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s and his right wing’s government’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Gaza. Add your name to call on your senators to support the resolution and move forward swiftly with an investigation.

Why is this important?

Alarming reports have surfaced that U.S. bombs and artillery are being used in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war to indiscriminately kill Palestinians in Gaza. Nearly 70% of the more than 22,000 killed so far in Gaza are women and children, with many more missing in the rubble. More than 57,000 have been injured and at least 1.9 million displaced, making the catastrophe in Gaza an urgent and ongoing humanitarian crisis. The New York Times reported that "more children have been reported killed in this conflict than in all major global conflicts combined last year."

Netanyahu's far-right government continues to reign bombs over Gaza, while news reports confirm that Netanyahu is bombing safe zones where Palestinians were told to evacuate. The U.N. and various humanitarian and human rights organizations increasingly share reports of human rights violations, as well as hundreds of aid and healthcare workers and journalists being killed by the bombings.

Members of Congress are calling for the Biden administration to uphold U.S. law by not providing military aid to states using it to intentionally target civilians and violate human rights. Sen. Sanders has submitted a resolution calling for the U.S. to abide by its own laws and investigate reports of civilian bombings in Gaza to ensure that U.S. foreign aid is not used to intentionally violate human rights. Sign the petition now to call on your elected officials to support Sen. Sanders' call for an investigation immediately.


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