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To: Judy Eychner, Kerrville Mayor

Support the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library

The library is under attack by those who would limit access to differing ideas. Intellectual freedom must be protected and can be if the Kerrville City Council trusts the library staff to utilize existing policies that protect the rights of individuals to access information without undue restriction.

Why is this important?

Parents have every right to dictate what their children may read. Parents do not have the right to dictate what OTHER parents' children may read. The Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library is funded by the taxpayers, not a church or political party, and can therefore not be used to advance a religious or political agenda. Texas has been ground-zero when it comes to book challenges and bans, as well as escalating censorship against libraries and librarians. And it's playing out right here at Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library. Last year the library had multiple law enforcement visits to investigate if the library was holding "illegal content" and attempts to censor library content continues.We, the undersigned residents of Kerr County, petition the Kerrville City Council to uphold the principles of intellectual freedom, diversity, and access to information within our community. We firmly believe in maintaining an environment where all books and resources remain freely accessible to all. We urge the Kerrville City Council to affirm its commitment to intellectual freedom by upholding the library's existing policies that protect the rights of individuals to access information without censorship or undue restriction.

Kerr County, TX, USA

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