To: Susan G Komen

Susan G Komen, Don't Cave to Extremists: Restore Your Relationship With Planned Parenthood

“ Susan G Komen: Restore your relationship with Planned Parenthood. Do not let anti-woman extremists defund the health care providers for women who include reproductive health services."

Why is this important?

Rep. Bob Dold’s rightwing Republicans are again plotting to defund Planned Parenthood and take away women’s right to health care— but if we take action now we may be able to stop the latest attack.

Susan G. Komen for a Cure, a leader in the fight against breast cancer, has caved to pressure from militant anti-choice Republicans, led by Rep. Cliff Stearns, and blocked funding for Planned Parenthoods’ program for breast cancer screenings . As Planned Parenthood is one of the largest health providers for women in the nation, this is a huge blow.

We have to stand up and fiercely defend Planned Parenthood — we can’t let anti-woman extremists in Congress decide who gets vital reproductive health care services and who doesn’t.