To: Lachlan Murdoch, Executive Co-Chairman, News Corp & 21st Century Fox and James Murdoch, CEO, 21st Century Fox

Tell 21st Century Fox : Release The Findings Of Your Investigation of Sexual Harassment at Fox News

Fox News has an obligation to their staff to take sexual harassment seriously, and they also have an obligation to their audience to show that they've taken the matter seriously. Release the findings of the internal review of the sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes and show you’re not just going through the motions on these significant and disturbing allegations.

Why is this important?

I’ve seen first-hand the impact of workplace sexism and sexual harassment. No one deserves to work in a place where he or she is objectified, belittled, and harassed with no recourse and no support. This case is so visible—and the alleged harassment is so extensive and alarming—it’s imperative that the investigation and its results don’t get swept under the rug.

21st Century Fox is already giving Ailes a massive payout just to walk away—reportedly in excess of $40 million! If 21st Century Fox is truly taking these allegations seriously, they’ll release the findings of their investigation to the public.

Since former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment suit against the network’s chief executive Roger Ailes, dozens of other women have come forward with stories of Ailes’ sexism, harassment, and worse. Disturbingly, many of the allegations include details of how other Fox executives knew about and enabled his harassment of women at the network over his decades-long career.

Getting rid of Ailes was a long overdue start. But we've long passed the point where Fox News can be trusted to run their own internal review, considering the toxic message of misogyny and sexism the network has cultivated over the years.


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