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To: Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon

Tell Amazon: Reinstate Fired Workers Organizing for Health and Safety Protections in Warehouses

Workers at Amazon have been fighting to protect all of us from COVID-19, including walking out to protest the dangerous conditions in Amazon's operations. Instead of listening to workers and protecting our public health, Amazon has chosen to fire them.
Stand with them today and tell CEO Jeff Bezos: Listen to workers, reinstate those who have been fired, and start protecting workers' and public health.

Why is this important?

Bashir Mohamed, an Amazon worker in Minnesota, spoke out about unsafe working conditions and Amazon showed him the door. Just two weeks before, the company fired Chris Smalls, another worker who dared to protest Amazon's failure to protect workers, igniting an international firestorm and drawing scrutiny from elected officials. Amazon has also fired two tech workers in Seattle, Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, both outspoken critics of the company's climate policies and the conditions workers face in Amazon operations. Courtney Bowden and Gerald Bryson are the latest whistleblowers to lose their jobs. These firings are outrageous and a fundamental failure of leadership.


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