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To: James Quincey, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company

Tell Coca-Cola to stop funding unapologetic racist Senator David Perdue

Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known brands in the world and is based here in Georgia. Unfortunately, Coca-Cola has also given tens of thousands of dollars to Senator David Perdue who has remained unapologetic about his racist comment about Kamala Harris just a few days ago. If Coca-Cola is truly committed to racial justice and social change, it must publicly denounce Senator Perdue’s comments and pledge not to further contribute to this unapologetic racist. I encourage all Americans to sign this petition so Coca-Cola knows consumers are watching.

Why is this important?

As a student studying at the University of Georgia, I am familiar with David Perdue’s problematic record from using an anti-semitic trope in an ad earlier this year to his fight to take healthcare away from Americans.

But it was especially concerning to hear David Perdue deliberately mock his fellow senator, Kamala Harris’ name at a public rally a few days ago. The video is online for anyone to see, and for people like me it really hits home. No one should be bullied and mocked for who they are, so what was Perdue thinking?

His campaign is trying to cover it up with lies that it wasn’t intentional. But we’re expected to believe a sitting senator who has held positions such as CEO Reebok and consultant for Indian company Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd had no clue how to pronounce the first name of his senator colleague who just happens to be a biracial Black and Indian American?

Please, David Perdue. No one is that stupid. The video speaks for itself as does the refusal to apologize.

Coca-Cola’s CEO and Chairman James Quincey talked extensively about racial justice this summer. He said: “We believe our company and our brands have the power to drive change. And we want to get this right. In order to make progress for those who have been hurt by systemic racism, we need first to listen … Our company must play a visible and proactive role in creating the change that is desperately needed. More progress must be made. It is our duty.”

But according to the "Popular Information" newsletter, Coca-Cola has donated $15,000 to Perdue's campaign this cycle and $25,000 to Perdue’s One Georgia PAC.

Ok, James Quincey and Coca-Cola. Listen to common sense. Do your duty. This is a no brainer. Publicly commit to no longer funding unapologetic racist David Perdue. Georgia can do better. America deserves better.

Reasons for signing

  • Do not tolerate racism in any form. Politicians work for ALL people
  • People in power need to be held to higher standards than the general public. They must be held accountable for inappropriate behavior.
  • We need to vote out these power hungry senators who don't care about Georgians, who are only in it for the money they can pocket...


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