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To: Congress and President Biden

Tell Congress and the President: Transition to Clean Energy Now ☀️

A solar array installed by 8th Fire Solar.

Right NOW is the time for world leaders to take bold action to transition away from all fossil fuels–gas, oil, and coal. The fossil fuel industry finances violence, from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to the destruction of Native communities targeted for pipelines. The transition to clean energy can build a more just economy and a more peaceful, healthy world.

Why is this important?

In light of rising oil and gas costs due to the war in Ukraine and the hastening of catastrophic climate change, I am asking for you to heed the call of activists in Ukraine and in our Native communities to immediately end America’s reliance on fossil fuels.

I urge you to:
- Pass President Biden’s climate and clean energy plan immediately: Fully fund weatherization, conservation, and wind and solar programs in the U.S.

-Enact a global Marshall Plan to combat climate catastrophe, including using the Defense Production Act to build millions of heat pumps so allies can heat their homes using renewable energy instead of Russian gas by next winter.

Finally, the Biden administration must halt the expansion of fracking and drilling permits in the United States. More dirty energy won’t solve our problems. It’s time to accelerate the transition to just, safe, and clean local energy.


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