To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Tell Congress: Let Diplomacy Work

Support the framework for a nuclear deal with Iran and the ongoing negotiations—and reject any measures that would sabotage diplomacy. The alternative to diplomacy is war—give peace a chance.

Why is this important?

American diplomats just scored a historic, breakthrough win for our nation: a framework that will ensure Iran can only have a peaceful nuclear program through rigorous inspections and verification.[1] This is perhaps the most significant foreign policy accomplishment of the Obama presidency, and offers the promise of a peaceful path with Iran, rather than a rush into an unnecessary war.

Diplomacy won, averting war—for now.

Yet Republican war hawks—and too many Democrats who are siding with them—are continuing their crusade against the president and trying to sabotage this deal. It's possible as early as next week, they will pursue destructive, anti-diplomacy legislation. We need all members of Congress to recognize that the alternative to diplomacy is war, and that they must reject the Corker bill (Senate Bill 615), the Menendez bill (Senate Bill 269), and any other legislative attempts to blow up the diplomatic process.

1. "Iran and E.U. Announce Framework for Nuclear Accord," The New York Times, April 2, 2015