To: Congress

Tell Congress: Don't let Trump start World War III

Tell Congress that you will not support a pre-emptive military strike on North Korea, Iran, or any other war of choice spurred on by Trump and his cadre of reckless war hawks.

Why is this important?

I served our nation at the Defense Intelligence Agency, where I specialized in Iran, and I can tell you that Donald Trump’s reckless saber-rattling is putting American lives and global stability at risk.

Donald Trump requested $54 billion in additional funds for things like fighter jets, air craft carriers, and nuclear weapons--even as his budget proposes deep cuts into the U.S. State Department and foreign aid. The message is clear: instead of putting diplomacy first, Trump is stripping away our ability to negotiate with other countries and increasing the risk of all-out war.

To make matters worse, Trump has taken to Twitter, seemingly seeking to goad or shame China, even while he continues to antagonize the North Korean leadership.

Even Republican Senator Bob Corker recently said that Trump is putting the US “on the path to World War III.”

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and we can’t remain silent.

Trump's reckless Pentagon spending and bellicose rhetoric should prompt all congressional lawmakers to state right now that they will not support the Trump launching a war of choice.

MoveOn members championed strategic and lasting diplomacy with Iran and were the backbone of the resistance to the Iraq war.

Let's make it clear to Members of Congress that we're prepared to once again flood the streets in cities and towns across the country to stop Trump’s war making.