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To: General Motors

Tell General Motors to negotiate a fair contract with 48,000 American workers

Nearly 50,000 autoworkers are striking to demand fair wages, a fair share of profits for workers, a path to permanent employment for temporary workers, affordable health care, and job security. Add your name if you agree General Motors should listen to United Auto Workers to quickly and fairly negotiate a new contract.

Why is this important?

My name is Meme Edwards. I have worked for General Motors in Michigan for more than two decades, but right now I'm on strike along with tens of thousands of colleagues from 70 facilities in 19 states. Let me tell you why I know General Motors is a special place that can do better.

I met my husband working at this plant. We raised our daughters and bought a home in the time we've been here. We have been able to make a stable, middle class living through this work. But General Motors isn't keeping up with the times, and workers are getting left behind.

For instance, there's an increased reliance on "permatemps," workers who are not given the benefits of full-time employees even though they work just as hard.

Let's be honest here. General Motors made billions of dollars in profits last year. We build the products that made those profits possible. We're just asking for a fair share based on all that General Motors workers do for the company and the American public. GM needs to come to the table in good faith and negotiate an equitable contract.

Whether you are a union member, supportive friends and family, or a concerned member of the public, we hope you sign this petition to support hard working American families.

Reasons for signing

  • I support Unions 100%. Without this representation our political machine would be happy to make us all grovel for pennies. We need more unions to stand up for their rights. Remember without you they don't exist. Support politicians that support you.
  • Because I have worked for FCA for 24 yrs and given so much of my life to this company. It's time to give back what was given up in the leaner days we deserve to be compensated. The companies can never give back all that we lost money wise they would prolly go broke if that tells you anything. GM thanks for allowing ol girl make you look like the asses you truly are and the fact u don't care about the workers who made u rich. No better than China
  • I believe in fair and equal negotiation and compensation.


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