To: Governor John Bel Edwards

Tell Gov. Bel Edwards: Veto HB 386

This campaign has ended.

This anti-women's health bill is cruel. Stand up for Louisiana's women and veto the 72 hour waiting period.

Why is this important?

HB 386 is working its way to the Governor in Louisiana. This bill would extend the mandatory waiting period for an abortion to 72 hours.

Under the bill, women who live as far as 149 miles away from a clinic would be forced to drive over three hours to the clinic, take three or more days they may not have off of work, and find child care and a motel room to sit and wait out the government's intrusive clock. All for a common, safe procedure that 1 in 3 women will undergo. But some women cannot wait this long due to personal need or medical circumstance, and those who can will travel to other states. That means waiting periods for everyone.

States that have passed similar laws have wasted millions defending them in court also, and Louisiana is about to do the same. Aren’t we in a budget crisis?

Governor Bel Edwards and the legislature should focus on fixing the budget rather than attacking women.