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To: US Senate

Tell Our Senators to Support the HEROES in Our Schools

To get our children back to school safely, we need the Senate to pass the critical pieces of the House of Representatives’ HEROES Act: $1 trillion for state and local services like public safety, healthcare and education, including at least $100 billion for our public schools so they can prepare to reopen safely, test for illness, follow the guidance of medical experts and provide the academic, social and emotional supports all our children need to recover from this pandemic. Tell the Senate not to forfeit our future: invest in public education and public services and support the HEROES Act.

Why is this important?

Every day we live with the threat of coronavirus, our children suffer. Many are watching family members and friends get sick and die. Most are losing out on milestones like end of year activities, graduation, sports seasons and time with friends. We need to get them back in the classroom and connected to the academic, social and emotional services they need to meet their full potential – but we have to make sure they are safe and the health of everyone is the school community is protected. And that means monitoring and testing everyone entering the building, extra disinfecting cleanings, smaller class sizes and extra supports for traumatized students. It also means boosting broadband services and supplying technology for the entire community for distance learning so no one is left behind. We know this will take more – not fewer – resources, and the House made a great start. Now we need the Senate to pass the recovery package with at least what the House has provided: Nearly $1 trillion for state and local services like public safety, healthcare, mental health and opioid treatment and public education, including at least $100 billion in direct aid to our K-12 public schools and public colleges and universities.

Reasons for signing

  • Get our teachers and students back to school safely.
  • schools should have the 6ft distance in the offices as well as the classroom, or that school be closed
  • I'm a teacher who actively wants to get back in the classroom to do my job.


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