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To: Mitch Mcconnell, President Donald Trump, The Kentucky State House, The Kentucky State Senate, Governor Matt Bevin, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Tell Sprint to Stop Trying to Silence Competition!

There is no reasonable explanation that Sprint could give to takeover T-Mobile. They want the Maverick and all of its innovations out so that they can get on with business.

Keep T-Mobile alive on its own and allow them to continue to work for the consumer and bring us more of what we want and need at an affordable price. These companies do not need a merger, both are showing signs of growth and profit and despite what they would have you believe about needing this merger to keep one from going under, neither carrier is in any danger of going extinct.

We need four major carriers plain and simple. This industry is way too saturated to eliminate another consumer choice! Tell the FCC to oppose the merger that will hurt competition and limit the choice of the American citizen. Tell them we need options and we need fair affordable prices! Oppose a Sprint/T-Mobile merger!

Why is this important?

My petition is simple, I am a conservative and believer that Americans need options. There are too few options for us left and we complain about prices of everything every day. The petition I look to start opposing a Sprint takeover of T-Mobile is so that we don't lose another choice and an important player like T-Mobile and end up wishing we would have done something to stop it later.

Reasons for signing

  • Block this merger!
  • I feel this will only lessen competition. Plain and simple! We need things to stay the way they are as T-Mobile is doing some really great strategic things for the consumer.
  • Stand firm FCC, you said it before...we need four and we all still agree with that statement!