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To: Taylor Swift

Tell Taylor Swift: Leverage Media Attention to Register Voters!

Taylor Swift is one of the most-awarded artists in the industry, recently breaking the record for most Album of the Year Grammy wins, the American Music Awards, and top Billboard 200. Her cultural impact—and reach—is undeniable. And that is why the extreme right is so afraid of her, because she has the platform and influence to reach voters in a way the traditional politicians simply can’t.

Last year, Taylor Swift posted a link to register to vote on her Instagram stories and reported more than 35,000 registrations in just 24 hours. Imagine how many voters she could get to register by leveraging the media attention from her fall Eras Tour!

Sign the petition to call on Taylor Swift to flash a QR code to register new voters throughout her fall Eras Tour.

Why is this important?

This year 41 million Gen Zers will be eligible to vote. Twice-impeached and disgraced former president Donald Trump is running again, despite currently facing 91 felony charges. The stakes are high and the foundation of our democracy is literally on the line—along with abortion rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, labor rights, and more. We need every person to be politically engaged and active to fight back against the rise of the far right, and vote to transform our government into one that truly works for all of us.

As a prominent celebrity frequently featured in the media, Taylor Swift has an opportunity to reach voters on a tremendous scale. Taylor Swift has a busy schedule, with a new album coming out in April and the continuation of her viral and successful Eras Tour, assuring that she will continue to be in the media spotlight for the rest of the year.

The right-wing is spreading conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift and the election because they are afraid of her—and they want to stoke fear and paranoia to dissuade her from having an impact. It's textbook fragile masculinity, and we call their bluff.

Tell Taylor Swift to actually give them something to talk about. Leverage all the media attention by flashing a QR code during her fall Eras Tour to help register new voters.


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