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Tell the FTC: Ban noncompete clauses!

We urge you to ban noncompete clauses, a practice that suppresses wages and limits workers’ options by preventing them from freely changing jobs, negotiating for better pay, or starting businesses on their own.

Why is this important?

The FTC just voted to move forward a rulemaking to ban noncompetes. Noncompete agreements are a cynical, unfair practice utilized by massive corporations to suppress workers’ wages and make it harder for small businesses to succeed.1

Corporations will fight a noncompete ban tooth and nail because it threatens their ability to exploit workers and pad their own profits—but we're fighting back. In a time when millions of Americans are struggling to afford their basic needs, we should be providing more opportunity, not less.

Sign the petition: Put an end to noncompetes! Massive corporations should not be able to use this tactic to harm American workers and small businesses.

President Biden has already voiced his support for ending noncompetes. Noncompetes “are designed simply to lower people’s wages,” the president said. “These agreements block millions of retail workers, construction workers and other working folks from taking a better job, getting better pay and benefits, in the same field.2

Tell the FTC we’re counting on them to increase American workers’ options and prospects by banning noncompetes!

Sign the petition: Ban noncompetes!


New York Times, “U.S. Moves to Bar Noncompete Agreements in Labor Contracts,” January 5, 2023.
New York Times, “Middle-Class Pay Lost Pace. Is Washington to Blame?” May 13, 2021.



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