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To: US Senate

Tell the Senate to support Julie Su for Secretary of Labor

Dear Senators,

Julie Su is a highly qualified acting secretary leading the Department of Labor. She has decades of experience working on civil rights for Asian-Americans, workers rights in the garment industry, and as the California Labor Commissioner and Secretary of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. Importantly, her record as acting Secretary shows that she’s the type of leader, with a steady hand, that the Senate can support.

A strong economy needs strong advocates for workers.

Please support Julie Su as Secretary of Labor.

Why is this important?

Julie Su has been the acting labor secretary for 10 months. She’s a tireless advocate for our communities—from civil rights to organized labor—and she’s earned praise from many members of the Senate.

Senator Bernie Sanders said Su’s “strong pro-worker track record as Acting Secretary shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is the right person for the job.”

Senator Tammy Duckworth said, “Whether working to strengthen apprenticeship programs or helping to negotiate agreements in industries from rails to ports to auto companies, Julie Su is advancing workers’ rights and getting the job done."

The economy is doing well and workers continue to gain higher wages in a strong job market. The Senate should not let conservatives and corporate interests hinder the confirmation of such an important role. Julie Su should be confirmed as Secretary of Labor so she can have the respect she deserves and workers and businesses can have a fully-empowered advocate in the administration.



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