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To: Walgreens CEO Rosalind Brewer

Tell Walgreens: Side with the FDA, not anti-abortion politicians

Abortion care and services are under attack in this country. Since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, state governments have passed cruel, draconian abortion bans around the country.

The FDA has defended mifepristone, the first of two drugs in the medication abortion process, declaring that pharmacies should dispense mifepristone with a certified prescription -- but Walgreens, the second-largest pharmacy in the United States, just announced their intention to side with anti-abortion politicians, and will no longer fill prescriptions for mifepristone in 20 states.

Walgreens must side with the FDA, not anti-abortion politicians and continue to fill mifepristone prescriptions in every state!

Why is this important?

Brewer wrote in an op-ed that “employees expect to bring their entire identity as people to work, and not to compartmentalize their values and keep them separate.” But by siding with anti-abortion politicians in these 20 states, they are taking sides against many of their employees, since majorities of Americans support abortion rights and the continued availability of medication abortion.

We can't let anti-abortion politicians bully private businesses into withdrawing medication.


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