To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Tell @WhiteHouse & @JohnKerry: End Gaza Blockade Now

The Obama Administration and Congress should use all means at their disposal to end the war and lift the economic blockade in Gaza. The U.S., Israel, and Egypt should trade a permanent end to rockets and other attacks from Gaza for a permanent end to Israeli and Egyptian restrictions on Gaza’s economy and on the movement of Palestinians into and out of Gaza.

Why is this important?

Tell Secretary of State John Kerry to keep pushing for a lasting ceasefire between Israel and Gaza that ends the blockade of Gaza.

1. Sign and share our petition above calling on Secretary of State Kerry to keep pushing for a lasting ceasefire and an end to the blockade.

2. At 12 noon eastern US time (11 AM Central, 9 AM Pacific), participate in our daily 15 minute Twitter storm to push for immediate ceasefire and for the Cairo talks following the ceasefire to conclude with an agreement to end the blockade of Gaza. Go to this page for instructions and sample tweets: