To: President Eric W. Kaler, University of Minnesota President

Terminate U of M Football Coach Tracy Claeys

We, the undersigned citizens of Minnesota and other concerned citizens, urge President Eric W. Kaler and the University of Minnesota Athletics Department to immediately terminate University of Minnesota Head Football Coach Tracy Claeys for failure of leadership and lack of sound judgment.

Why is this important?

We, the undersigned citizens of Minnesota and other concerned citizens, urge the immediate termination of University of Minnesota Head Football Coach Tracy Claeys.

As strong believers in the importance of leadership, justice, opportunity and respect, we urge the President of the University of Minnesota, Eric W. Kaler, and the University of Minnesota Athletics Department to terminate its head football coach, Tracy Claeys.

In response to the Sept. 2 allegations against U of M football players and a players’ boycott of practice and participation in the Holiday Bowl, Claeys tweeted on December 15: “Have never been more proud of our kids. I respect their rights & support their effort to make a better world!”

Claeys’ tweet expressing his pride in the team failed to mention or acknowledge the importance of respecting women. Further, it did not condemn violence, sexual assault or disrespect of women. We feel this is not at all acceptable.

In judging Claeys' action in this context, we propose that two significant historical problems must be acknowledged:

- Sexism, disrespect of and violence against women, and
- Racism, and the lack of due process for many people of color in the American justice system

Tracy Claeys’ tweet fails to acknowledge the tragic, historic mistreatment of women, demonstrating that he is not an appropriate or effective leader for young people. We believe he put the welfare of his football program above the welfare of a female student, despite that his own football players admitted to disrespecting and mistreating her. We believe his priorities are misplaced, and that he lacks sound moral judgment and leadership skills. We believe he is not an appropriate representative of the University of Minnesota, or the people of Minnesota.

We urge President Eric Kaler and the Athletics Department to fire him, effective immediately.


Heather Babula Hopkins, MN
Maggie Berry Oakdale, MN
Nancy Jane Bitenc Saint Paul, MN
Judy Brown Saint Paul, MN
Padmaja Challakere Saint Paul, MN
Faith Dietz Saint Paul, MN
Chantel Johnson Fragassi Saint Paul, MN
Elizabeth Glidden Minneapolis, MN
Betty Folliard Minneapolis, MN
Monica Dols Haas Saint Paul, MN
Tasha-Rose Hodges Saint Paul, MN
Travis Apollo Haage Saint Paul, MN
Rachel Kowaorski Santa Fe, New Mexico
Lisa Johnson Roseville, MN
Jean Jones Saint Paul, MN
David Nathan Saint Paul, MN
Laura Nathan Saint Paul, MN
JoAnn Nathan Saint Paul, MN
Joe Nathan Saint Paul, MN
Karen Nelson Olson Saint Paul, MN
Marty Owings Saint Paul, MN
Lonni Simpson Skrentner Edina, MN
Mary Wiley Edina, MN


Reasons for signing

  • Fire that guy!
  • Absolutely any kind of coach or administrative support for the selfish views of these spoiled athletes cannot be tolerated. Women must be safe and respected on any college campus.
  • I was raised in Caledonia, Minnesota in Houston County. I think Claeys's initial tweet had language that shows he was riding the protest bandwagon that's swept the country. That's disappointing. Truth and justice demand more than that.

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