To: Senator Mazie Hirono

Thank you, Senator Hirono, for your bold leadership on behalf of immigrant women.

Thank you, Senator Hirono, for chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Women and Immigration on March 18th. As a result of your bold leadership, immigrant women will be heard by the United States Senate at a critical moment in the current immigration reform debate.

Why is this important?

Are you a man?

What if the United States only gave immigration visas to men? That would be pretty unfair, wouldn’t it? It would exclude a lot of good people for no good reason.

Our current immigrations laws don’t limit visas to men. But we do give most of our visas for jobs overwhelming performed by men. Jobs dominated by women workers – like nannies or nurses or home care workers – get very few visas.

On Monday, March 18th Senator Hirono is holding a Judiciary Committee hearing on Women and Immigration, and immigrant women will finally get the attention they deserve.

This is the first time during the current immigration reform debate that a hearing has been convened on this issue. Our failure to do so in the past is one reason our current laws hurt immigrant women.

Please click here to thank Senator Hirono for her bold leadership to ensure that immigrant women are finally getting heard by the United States Senate.

We are often quick to criticize our elected officials. But when they step up and do the right thing, they deserve our appreciation.

For the next few months, we will be doing everything we can to inform the public and our Representatives in Congress about the ways in which women will be affected by reforms to our immigration system. This hearing is a great place to start.

Thank you for joining us.