To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

The Catholic Church does not speak for us-Keep Birth Control Free for Women

Religious leaders are attempting to infringe on our rights and constitution by asking our Representatives and Senators to enact a law, denying our rights based on religious beliefs. This provision in the Healthcare Reform law is to help lower health insurance costs for women and the only argument against it is the Bishops of the Catholic Church want to deny women their right to choose. The lawmakers know that they would be violating the constitution if they ever passed a bill endorsing religion or religious beliefs. It is high time the men in charge stop denying women their right to choose under the guise of "religious" beliefs.

Why is this important?

Males in Congress and the Senate as well as leaders of the Catholic Church are ignoring the facts about how Catholics are not against the birth control provision in the Healthcare Reform Law. This is not violating Relgious Freedom as The Catholic Church is attempting to claim. A Catholic woman is not going to be required to use birth control, however it does deny Catholic and non-Catholic women the right to have free birth control in their healthcare insurance policy.